What are the advantages of virtualization

Advantages of Virtualization cannot be understood without first knowing Virtualization. Virtualization is a way by which an operating system is fooled into believing that it is utilizing the computer’s hardware. Actually it is way of emulating hardware in software. In other words one can run an operating system on top of another.

Its significance and usefulness is dependent on who the user is. If you are a regular user than it will not impress you but if you are a techie and deals with IT technologies you would know its significance and would know the importance of it.

There are so many advantages of Virtualization. Few of them are listed below:

Advantages of virtualization

Maximum resource usage

Virtualization on servers allows maximum resource usage and it also cuts down running and maintenance cost to run multiple servers. It allows resource sharing and you to use resources to the fullest.

Easier up-gradation

For upgrading software on server, you need to restart server, which is a very tough task. Its not possible for running business. But on virtual server you just need to make a clone and replace it after up-gradation. If you need to restart a machine then you just need to restart the virtual machine.


With ever-growing business needs and resource requirement, you need more servers. But with Virtualization you don’t need to invest in new server every time. You just need to add more virtual machine to it, provided you have enough hard disk capability. Let’s consider a scenario: there is one server with seven virtual machines each with respective job. Suppose one of them is handling email and you immediately need to send so many emails as so many emails are coming in. Then you need another server. Now you can clone and create another machine on same or other physical server.

Software cost saving

It saves you on software and OS cost. Suppose you have 5 servers with windows server as OS with more than one virtual machine on each of them. Now you need a sixth server, but you can’t spend. In that case you can install Linux on the sixth server and install virtual server. It will work as well.

Sharing of Resources

Let’s suppose you want a new email server. Then you just need to make a copy of the existing server. It will work pretty well provided it’s on the same server as it will use the email database. But with remote disks you can even install it on other machine. It will work.


Assume an administrator by mistake accidentally made some configuration change and now he and others are unable to find out what the change was. Without virtualization this can be a disaster. Depending on what went wrong, virtual machine can help ease your troubles.

  • Simply copy back the configuration if you have misconfiguration issue and have cloned virtual machines.
  • If your data corrupted or deleted and you didn’t have backup but you have snapshots then the virtual machine will reduce your tension a bit.
  • If you have backed up or cloned disks, you will find your way.

Fault tolerance

If one of your machines gets faulty then virtualization can help in such circumstances. Since all the hardware in use by the virtual machine is also virtual and can have multiple copies and at remote places, failing of one server might not bring your server to an abrupt stoppage and it will work smoothly

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