Vodafone will launch the 4G with release iPhone5

"Apple’s iPhone 5, the current model, is only compatible with EE’s 4G network", er, no, that's not correct. The iPhone5 will work on any providers 3G network as well, you can have the 4G CAPABLE iPhone5 on a 3G contract from Vodafone!

What the author meant to say, was that the only way to utilize the 4G connectivity of the iPhone5, is to get a 4G contract with  EE, as they are currently the only 4G provider.

I have no idea why Vodafone would delay the launch of 4G when they offer various 4G capable phones already, I can only presume they are in technical difficulties with their deployment, and think this cover story will fool people, and buy them time.

I take that as "we were worried about EE having a competitive advantage but our data says they haven’t made much of it and so we can afford to milk what we have and launch at a better time with a better "launch" product.

Sorry EE but it looks like you really have ruined your "number 1" spot and excellent "Orange" brand from the 90s, when the future was very much a bright one, not a murky color scheme that the muddle of website EE operates upon as its shop front.

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