What to do if you lose your passport overseas

When travelling things can and go wrong. As you have probably discovered. But the loss of a passport is particularly troublesome as you cannot leave the country you are in without travel documents. Also, many country require approved forms of ID to be carried at all times. Many European countries have this requirement owing to the open border nature of the EU.

WHen you are passport does go missing often the first step is to contact the local police. Firstly, there is a small chance that it might have been handed in. As it is a travel document this is the correct procedure. You will also need obtain a police report so that you have made an attempt to recover your passport.

After that you should contact your local embassy or consulate, the passport will then be electronically cancelled and you can apply for a new one. Remember that for security reasons, once it is cancelled it cannot be used as a travel document or form of identification should it be recovered.

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