Top 5 Road Trips

We all love a great road trip. When the weather is fine, unless you happen to be a seasoned off roader with an equally though vehicle to cope with those wintery conditions. Although its hard to imagine a summer right now its hopefully just round the corner.

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There are of course some amazing road trips to see around the world. On almost every continent something that is just a dull excursion around concrete jungles. After all its not just the destination that is an important part of travelling, the journey itself should be exciting too. Whether you are travelling alone on a motorcycle or taking a vintage Volkswagen on a trip with friends there is certainly a trip for you.

USA: Route 66 (Distance 3,945km)
This is one of the most famous routes in the world. Although it is no longer maintained as a major route it still retains its fame and there are people the world over that want to drive it. OFten known as the mother road it is a must do for a trip between Chicago and Los Angeles.

UK: Scottish Highlands to Cornwall (distance 1,500km)
This is an epic journey in itself. People often talk about that Land's End to John O'Groats Route. Now image doing it in reverse. It is theoretically possible to wake up and have breakfast in the Scottish Highlands and then by in the Cornish Rivera in the evening. Although it reality it would be best to break the journey up, there are many routes you could take for a stop over. Whether you would like to go via the midlands or perhaps goto Wales and discover three of the four constituent countries that make up the United Kingdom.

South America's Pan-American Highway (Distance 24,000km)
This is an epic route that takes you through many of the countries that make up South America. Imagine being able to visit Chile, Suriname, Guyana and Paraguay in one trip! If you have ever read the Motorcycle Diaries or seen the movie and wanted to go something like this then you're probably looking at a map of South America right now.

The Australian Outback
If you don't mind the heat and have access to an SUV you could try a trip across Australia. There is certainly much to see on this continent. You could do a trip from Perth to Darwin and go all the way to Cairns and all the way down to Victoria. Although do your research first and in the heat of the summer make sure you're prepared.

South East Asia by Motorcycle

So fully experience this part of the world it is often done by motorcycle. If you want to be like a local you could even do the whole thing on a scooter. Although a big trip would be a lengthy a very painful experience. ALthough savings on the fuel would be immense.

There are many options, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

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