Photo Essay: Top 3 Beaches

One of those great highlights of trips, has to be that all important trip to the beach. No matter where we go that trip the coast line can be a memorable one. Whether its sandy beaches under the sun or a pebbled beach in Brighton, England.

I have had some highlights of the some the best beaches that I have been to.

1. Raglan, New Zealand

While I in Hamilton I was told that Raglan was the best beach in the world. Then I as also warned that once I was there I wold never want to leave. I even heard stories of people that migrated from the cities of Hamilton and Auckland built a factory nearby just so they would never have to leave. And I can understand why. Its still not very commercialized and to top it all off its very relaxed.

2. Brighton, England

This is a stark contrast from Raglan. This did start life as a mere beach. But it has now evolved into a city and official become one in 2000 when the Queen granted it City Status. If you are looking for a quiet life you might be better off in nearby Eastbourne. Its known for its lively nightlife and is equally buzzing during the day. Its official title is Brighton and Hovetaking with it other places.

3. Waitanghi, New Zealand

This was the place of one of the most controversial documents in New Zealand history, the Waitanghi Treaty. I came interested in photographing this beach looking at its almost boulder like texture. Today it is a usually quiet place and there are some interesting signs of Maori culture about.

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