The Top 5 Most Dangerous Borders

Sometimes border crossings certainly on land can be a little challenging, requiring the right paperwork. It is not uncommon to be detained for many hours, which of course can be a major inconvenience for the traveler. Many countries are still a far cry from the open border policy that exists within the European Union.

Still most borders are still safe. Sadly that is not the case with some of the most notorious border crossings in the world.

5. Korean Demilitarized Zone
This has been a continually tense area of the world since the end of the Korean war which left Korea divided into two very politically contrasting countries, South Korea and the Democratic Republic of North Korea. The situation has grown more tense lately, although things have calmed this is always going to be a tense situation. Particularly as technically there is still a state of war between the two sides.

4. Afghanistan-Pakistan
Known also as the Durrand Line it is a 2,640km border between the two countries. The border itself dates back to 1893. Afghanistan has seen much conflict with two significant wars, the earlier Soviet-Afghan war as well as the more recent western backed war in Afghanistan which still proves controversial. There has also been recent border conflicts between Pakistan and Afghanistan which has escalated tensions further. Not to mention a visit to this region would render your travel insurance null and void.

3. Sudan-Chad
In 2010 this Sudan-Chat border reopened sever years after the Darfur conflict. Although relations have improved between the two African states in recent times the border still remains tense. The two countries even have a join border force. But there are many violent crimes taking place in this part of the world despite the policing of the area.

2. China-North Korea
Economic woes in North Korea often results in North Koreans attempting to escape China across its border. According to North Korea law anyone caught leaving the country without prior authorization is considered a criminal. This often results in the torture and forced removal of those persons that can expect severe consequences back home.

1. India-Pakistan (Kashmir)
Despite some recent conflicts around the world, this continues to be the most tense border in the world. There has for a long time been a state of war between India and Pakistan and that arms race has considered to be escalating certainly as India edges more and more towards superpower status. There has even been talk a nuclear arms race. Kashmir is a highly contested area of the world of which both sides make a claim. It has sadly been a place where many traveler have either lost their lives or been severely injured.

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