Selling Travel Photos

We all take those wonderful images of our travels. But if photography is taken seriously enough then it would be a real earner for you. If you are a enthusiastic about photography that takes the art seriously this could help fund future trips.

The key of getting good salable shots depends on how they are taken. Good quality expressive shots can and do sell. Although there is much more to it than taking the shots. Another key part editing the final images.

Photo imaging software, from the likes of Photoshop to more simple software is available. The actual type of software you will end up using will depend on your skill level as well as what you want to achieve. You will need to do some editing to an image, be it a simple crop some touch ups or changing or enhancing colour.

Touch-ups are becoming for vital, especially if you are using DSLRs or Mirrorless Cameras. Although they are flexible having inter-changable lenses, they can also be dust traps. These appear as unsightly spots on the final image. The dust can be removed by both cleaning the sensors to begin with, the images themselves can be touched up.

Image: © Gary Scott/ stock.xchng

There are variety of cameras, all the but very cheapest ones will be suitable. There are some very good compact cameras for a good price to be had, and of course if you are really serious then you can go for a DSLR. Just remember when you are travelling you will be carting around a lot of kit. But in return you would be producing a much higher quality image.

The Market

The picture market is filled with various different options:

Picture Libraries
The web are full of various agencies that are looking for images of every subject matter. The big players such as Dreamstime, iStockphoto, Getty are looking for some images. But they do often have strict quality controls. With some only accepting images from certain cameras.

I was disappointed to learn that my Nikon D300 was not on the list for one agency. Even though it takes some great images. And that is a non-negotiable. Other than returning to NZ with a rented D700 or D3 I had little option. But of course I did find one agency. Agencies are not looking for sunset pictures. They want original expressive shots, something original. If you have some images that you would like to share, you can also put your photos up for free on social networking sites, sharing sites or a site like stock.xchng which will allow you to share photos with others.

There are many publications, both printed and online. Not to mention many websites that require images. It would pay to contact some picture editors to see if they would like to buy some images. Perhaps at first you might want give some images for picture credit to build up a reputation.

Start a Blog or Website
Of course you could start a site yourself, either to sell images to people or perhaps illustrate your own blog with the intention to monetize it with advertising and other methods. A photo blog could also prove very popular with the travel blog community.

Sell your pictures as art
Selling your pictures as art could be a tricky one, depending on where you live. But as well as selling to art galleries, you could also look at online art and craft marketplaces like This would involve the mounting of printed photos and possibly mounting them.

Nothing really beats seeing your photos framed and mounted. The specialist sites are much better than using Ebay as you get the right clients who love art as much as you do. Although they are printed there are possibilities to sell your pictures as digital downloads. But with printed pictures you get to control who has the picture. After all you don?t want a high resolution image you made being copied or pasted all over the web.

Of course there are many options that you might find. Even having an impressive portfolio can be good in itself. But above all making photography an enjoyable part of your travels is important in itself.

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