Places to go this summer

With summer here in the northern hemisphere, we have all the inspiration to travel somewhere. Whether we like our distinctions to be hot, cooler or perhaps somewhere in between there is certainly somewhere for you to visit this summer.

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The Hot: Spain
This is certainly for those that want to enjoy warmer climes whilst exploring a classical European destination. Whether you want to simply visit the beach or perhaps enjoy an historic city such as Madrid or that Catalan capital of Barcelona. Each place has its own charm and unique heritage. With flights to all major cities, it is an easy destination to get to, certainly within Europe.

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The Cool: Iceland
This probably doesn't strike you as a typical summer destination. But if you find the heatwave at home is getting too much, why not consider this Island nation. You can even go over to mainland Northern Europe and extend you trip across Scandinavia. What is probably the most famous geo thermal zone in the world, certainly in Europe provides plenty for your to see and do.

The Winter: The Southern Hemisphere
Of course if you really want a change head over the souther hemisphere. Its winter right now, there is plenty of choice including skiing in New Zealand or perhaps not to that extreme, you can experience cooler weather in Australia or South Africa. If you want to visit a vibrant city, nothing beats the vibe of Wellington. There is always the extreme sports capital of the world, Queenstown.

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