Getting over Jet Lag

Ok so you have traveled around the world. if you you've come form Europe to Australasia & the chances are you have crossed around 12 time zones. Thats a pretty good achievement. If you've flown from Hawaii to Auckland that a different story – but more on that later.

Fortunately I flew the other direction from London to Auckland. In reality I hadn't a clue. I had no concept of time what so ever, actually I was more concerned about the weather it (its was around -4 in August). Arriving at Auckland at 6am can seem a little more like midnight with the dark winter mornings, and then the key I would say that got me through it was the concept of staying awake as long as possible as to get your body clock to adjust to the changes in time zone. This works to a degree but requires em>a lot of caffeine.

Fortunately, I have had previous experience in needing to stay awake when one should actually be sleeping. As anyone that has had to work nigh shifts or extended hours coffee, and lots of it is one way to stay awake. Well maybe until 4am. I seem to remember finally getting a room in Auckland strangely a private room in Auckalnd Central Backpackers (yes being able to sleep late afternoon in a base hostel!). Then some few hours later being woken by what I though at the time was some buskers, as it turned out was a karekoke night.

Still that helped and then readjusting my clocks to the correct time, it is the time when it is the beginning of a journey, or an adventure. Waking the next day at 6am still fatigued from my journey I could muster a short 100 meter walk to the nearby McDonalds for a Big Kiwi Breakfast for $6. Still there is more time to be adventurous soon. This is just the start.

If you're flying from say Hawaii, it seems pretty easy a nice short flight across the Pacific. Its so close the Hawaiian language is related to Maori. Well wrong, as someone pointed out to me on the day before departure from Auckland to Honolulu. You actually arrive before you leave! Still the same rules probably apply it would be like be transported there seemly like by magic perhaps.

Still makes it seem me flying from London to Auckland and stopping off a few places on the way makes it a whole lot easier. (See my previous blog on dealing with long haul flights).

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