Blogging with iPad

I have been using the iPad for a long time. Since they came out. But I have never really blogged with it until now. Why you may ask? The reason is simple.

You can type a blog on an iPad. It's just so awkward, the actual screen space is often reduced due to the on-screen keyboard. Then there's the part of adding pictures to your article. Now some blogs can do without a picture a travel blog is not one that can. Pictures really do speak a thousand words when it comes to travel blogging.

What really let down the iPad is the lack of true blogging software. I'll let you in on a little secret here, Travel Blog It believe it or not is based on WordPress. I never could get on with the official WordPress app. It wasn't until I discovered an app called Blogsy when I could actually even attempt at writing an app on an iPad or any other tablet computer for that matter.

Now I can add pictures, edit text and do everything else that can be done on the desktop. Even edit existing posts that have been published. If you like typing with a real physical keyboard then you can get one of those too.

It is now possible to blog from a coffee shop when I'm travelling without having to carry a full sized laptop around. My three year old iPad isn't done yet, far from it.

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