Best Travel Apps

There are some apps that are designed for the traveller we as well as some that are very useful. But if you are looking for load up your smart phone before you go, it can take a while to decide what to load onto your device.

Free Wifi Apps

These apps are ideal for the traveller, if you are in a new place this can be useful in finding hot spots and free ones even better as it will save you money in the long run. Ideal for Skype, communicating to friends and family back home.

Sending Messages for Free

With Apps like, Skype, Whats App and Viber work over wifi and internet connections so you could use these apps to send messages home for free and even make phone calls. Much cheaper than paying for the roaming charges for your carrier.

Airline Apps

Apps like Skyscanner and others can help you shop around for a good deal on your flights to begin with. Often there are some late bargains to be had sometimes for very little. It could save you hundred.

Accommodation Apps

Many Websites like Hotelworld and Late Rooms actually have their own apps so you can shop around for your accommodation at any time with the convenience of using a smart phone or tablet.

Navigation Apps

Finally ideal for not getting you lost. Navigation uses the built in GPS function on most smart phones to great affect and the added bonus of not needing a separate unit. There are the big names like, Gamin and Tom Tom but even Google?s Maps app has turn by turn navigation although it does require a constant internet connection during your journey.

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