Best Mobility Scooter Accessories to Take Traveling

Frequent travelers really put their mobility scooters to the test. Whether you're a mall hopper or a forest trailblazer, or even just an urban sightseer or cruise vacationer, your mobility scooter will need to be equipped to handle the travel and transport demands. Are you planning a summer of exciting excursions? This quick guide will help you get started.

The Essential Travel Action Pack

The most common outdoor obstacles are easy to meet head on. Make the following essentials the priority when you're packing travel. Even if you primarily use your scooter indoors, factor in parking lots and bike trails you may visit as well.

1. Rain / Harsh Sun

Excess moisture is very bad for scooters, but harsh sun can do some damage as well ? at the very least, both conditions can make scooter usage relatively uncomfortable. We suggest investing in a high quality rain cover for outdoor storage. A canopy will shield sun and sprinkles, and a poncho can shield you from wind and rain. Play it safe and pack for the worst case weather scenario. These essential weather accessories won't even fill half a suitcase.

2. Low Visibility

Reflectors are a must-have accessory. Headlights are a standard feature on most mobility scooters and taillights are available standard but most manufacturers allow for aftermarket lighting additions as well. A safety flag is necessary on paths occupied by bikes or joggers, and especially whenever you'll be near roadways. Travelers who buy a scooter from USMedicalSupplies are able to choose from a wide selection of safety accessories like these.

A high visibility jacket, hat, or poncho might provide warmth in addition to safety. You don't have to limit your safety investments to scooter accessories only.

3. Reliable Security

Are you planning to travel to an unfamiliar location? Will you be in a distracting location where tourist predators are more likely to lurk? Security is important whether you plan to leave your scooter unattended or not. Pickpockets are just as much of a threat as scooter thieves. Trade in your standard cargo basket for one with a locking lid.

Consider a locking trailer for overnight storage. Control panel locks are widely available, as are wheel locks and bike-style locks. It's a good idea to lock the scooter when it's not being used ? not only to prevent theft, but to deter curious children from operating the equipment.

You know your scooter better than anyone else. If you have ever dealt with a flat tire, you might want to carry some manufacturer-approved ??flat fixer?? foam. If you know that your batteries are old or unreliable, consider bringing a spare along for the trip. Have the phone numbers of a few medical supplies retailers near your destination just in case you forget any necessary accessories at home.

Preparing your mobility scooter for travel is a great investment. The more you travel, the more efficient your travel action kit will become. You'll quickly learn which accessories are right for which destinations ? and your vacations will be better off for it.

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