5 Tips on How to do Successful Marketing on Facebook

Successful Marketing on Facebook you may think is easy... Right? Well Facebook Viral Marketing can be easy if you know how to do it right. First thing you may think is I belong to Facebook I talk to my friends I do this all the time so what is the problem here!

Well sorry friend you are more than likely going to do it all wrong. First thing you need to do is a company profile on Facebook and not just a personal profile. The people who join your fan base are not your 5 to 20 year friends you talk to now on Facebook. These fans will not be so easy to forgive your mistakes. These people are those who you want and should listen to closely as they will lead you to knowing how the public thinks about your company, product or service. So you need to know what the successful marketing ways are on Facebook and then your Facebook viral marketing can explode, but do it wrong and it will die on the vine.

Many a pioneer has gone before you in trying this Facebook viral marketing techniques and many have had successful marketing but many more have not! So let's together learn from their mistakes and good doings.

Here you will find 5 tips on how to have a successful marketing campaign on facebook and kick start your Facebook viral marketing and turn you into a star. Some things here you may have heard before but some you may have not. It is always the best path to go down where you learn the basics before you do the task.

5 how-to's for successful marketing on Facebook:

Beginning your Facebook viral marketing campaign.

1. You can't do both Facebook and any other social network both at the same time.

No doubt you are excited and think I will join Facebook then Twitter and maybe even add in some other social network just for fun. You then go on Facebook and put in an appearance and post some everyday or at least 3 to 4 times a week. You are also twittering here and there as much as you can. You are also on the 3rd network just to add in on the fun. But soon you learn as all do if they try this approach you simply cannot devote what it takes and or be in or be that active in all of the social network sites. Your steam will wear down and you will even confuse who or what you did on one of them vs. the other. You will make mistakes one after the other and before long your Facebook fan base will go down the tubes. They became a fan so they would have access to you and if you are not there or only half there when you are present they will soon know.

2. Focus and build a strong fan base on Facebook. This is the only way to have a successful marketing Facebook viral marketing campaign.

Once you start doing two things at the same time no matter how easy you may think that could or should be the job is always poor quality and your work and reputation will suffer for it. Learn everything you can about Facebook and your fans. Concentrate and it will pay off in the long run. Do not put your eggs in more than one basket. Post updates daily or at least every other day. Put on a contest get your fans involved. Later when this Facebook fan base is strong gradually bring in someone to work it with you introduce them to everyone and let them slowly take over while you now go do your twittering!

3. Introduce the person you want to take over so they can represent your brand, product or service that the people like.

If the first person you introduce does now work out well or their personality just does not work with your fans. Find another person. Give this person the job of posting updates, have them ask questions and always have them do the contests. Work on this till you find the right person that the fans relate to. It is human nature to not trust a company, brand or their products and services till they know the person(s) in this case behind that company. When they feel comfortable with you and your assistant then a successful marketing facebook viral marketing can be done.

4. Relax let the fans find and like the real you do not do any advertising acting just be real.

Never brag or put on in any way, no sales jobs here and if you try to fake anything they will know in no time. Successful Marketing on Facebook or any Social network for that matter is getting to know the fans. Call them by name learn about them share things with them and listen when they share with you. Build a friendship get to know them. Have fun heck you may just make some real good friends. Just make sure all is real!

5. Get in on the act yourself do not just be a wall flower Participate.

Keep it always in mind you are not the only fish in the sea. There are loads of others out there wanting to get a hold of your fan base and they will if you do not become a part of it yourself. Do not think you can just post once in awhile and nothing more. That simply will not work. Start a topic join in just like you would if you were in a room full of friends. If you are a networking marketer offline be one online. Ask questions then listen to the answers do not hesitate to chime in when the timing is right. By doing this you will learn a lot about what the public thinks about your product or service and your brand. This is one very important part of a successful marketing facebook viral marketing campaign.

Remember you are on a very important trial here and the fan base are checking you out here. The actions you do here are being analyzed by all the way like how you treat them and anyone else for that matter will be noted and viewed. So always be nice to all, be polite and always be kind. Take the time to be attentive and that will build you up as someone they can trust and like. Then a successful marketing facebook viral marketing campaign will be successful for you and the fans will reward you with promoting you and your services or product and company tenfold.

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