How Restart MySQL Linux on a Shared Signature UNIX account?

There may be times when MySQL cpu usage jumped to nearly 199% or even more and you needed to restart MySQL Linux. But you can’t do this. Whole of the website get stuck. None of your website is opening or there is problem loading website. Load of server becomes very high at that time. You must be scratching out your head, finding the solution to your problem. But found nothing.

There can be so many reasons for this unnatural cpu usage fluctuation by MySQL server.

Some reasons may be:

1. Some background process by server. Like, mail etc.

2. Some plug-in may be eating the cpu usage by giving heavy load. Some plugin may running in the background which is drying up the cpu like automated plugins, cache plugins etc.

3. Background log generation may be among other reason. Sometimes log file uses so many cpu to maintain its log, It's a cpu extensive usage .

4. Heavy traffic at any given point of time,

5. Excessive usage of database etc.

These all eats up cpu a lot. It will make the cpu usage shoot up to an uncontrollable level. Load on server also gets increased.

This article will help you to restart MySQL manually on a Shared Signature UNIX account. To do this process you will nbe needed to connect to your account via Secure Shell Connection.

To restart MySQL Linux connection, try the following steps:

1. Try to disable MySQL through control panel of your website account and thereafter re-enabling it. It will take time to do so. If that does not work, then only connect to the account using SSH client. There are so many free clients available on the internet. Try anyone of them.

2. Now Enter your login details and password to enter into your account.

3. Browse to your home directory by running following command on your ssh interface:
cd /usr/home/USERID

Replace userid with your account id in the above mentioned command.

4. Now try to run the following command on your ssh panel to restart your mysql.

Type the following on your screen

~/etc/rc.d/ restart

Now its time to check that whether MYSQL is running or not. If it is running, then you are successfully done, Otherwise you can just proceed to the next step.

5. Now attempt to stop MySQL manually by running the following command:

~etc/rc.d/ stop

Now see if there is any of MYSQL associated files by running the following Command:

ls –lah tmp/mysql*

6. You can get an output similar to this :

srwxrwxrwx 1 ver915 vuser 0B Jan 30 06:48 tpm/mysql.sock

7. Now remove the file you find by previous command by running following command:

rm tmp/mysql.sock

8. Now finally, run the following command to restart MYSQL:

etc/rc.d/ restart

If still there is problem then you can also try the following command:

rm tmp/mysql.sock

If still your problem persist then its now time to have a talk with your host and get it shorted out immediately. There may be some serious problem.

Hope this article on Restart MySQL Linux helped you to short out your problem.

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