New drug help increasing the ability of the immune against cancer

A new type of drug that "boost" the immune system to destroy cancer tested in humans for the first time.

Scientists from the University of Southampton have developed a treatment in an attempt to capture cancers such as pancreatic cancer, head and neck, which is especially difficult to fight with the help of available techniques.

drug against cancer

That is true, approveds, but I did specify the 90s and the 100s, and not the younger age group you mention.

Surely you'll agree that the more people, who are alive into this degree of old age, the more there will be, who are not like the members of the Royal Family.

The more successful this cancer treatment is the more citizens will be living into very old age and, therefore, there will be a greater number who will not be independent.

After all, many who are dotty and weak, as you put it, are not like this because they didn't look after their health. Think of those with Alzheimers.

But let's wait and see what happens to the members of the Royal Family! The Duke of Edinburgh is in his nineties now, but what will he be like when he is in his 100s - in spite of having looked after his health throughout his life?

I think my point in my first comment still stands, don't you?

This is good news for sufferers of cancer and for their families and friends.

But is it good for the UK as a whole?

Those, who survive cancer, (and this discovery is going to increase their numbers) are going to live longer and longer.

More people in their nineties and hundreds will put more pressure on the financial resources of Britain and the NHS in particular.

If the UK was not in very great debt but, instead, a rich and low debt economy, such an increase in very elderly-dependent people would not be a problem.

But, we are in debt, terrible debt! Austerity must increase over the months and years because of this debt.

Austerity and improved cancer survival do not go together.

Those, who survive the cancer by stimulating their immune responsiveness to the cancer, will suffer in great old age from the national austerity.

Sure, the choice is obvious now since the austerity is mild.

But later on, when very old and weak, who will be paid to change the soiled bedsheets? Indeed, who will buy the very expensive food for them to be fed with?

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  1. avatar David J Says:
    August 13, 2013

    You do not have to be weak, and dotty when you get old, if you look after your own health you will still be working in your 80s and 90s, like the Royal Family?

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