Being successful - how do you see it?

We all have our own definition for "Success" but the most common synonym which we give for SUCCESS are "Hard work" and "Smart work". We see many people debating about "Being Successful" and at last they finish off saying either hard work or smart work can only bring success. Let us discuss in this article as what exactly brings the essence of "Success". This article is just to express my views and not to blame anyone regarding today's situation.

We are always asked to be a "hard worker" to achieve the mantra of success. It all starts from our schooling and continues to threaten in our work place too. Hard work is always defined to be the "Number of hours we work with lots of effort". The moment we hear someone saying "You still need to work hard!!", we start burning the midnight oil. In spite of all these when "so called hard working" doesn't give results our mind gets inclined towards "Smart work".

I am still clueless of how the term "Smart work" came into existence. We define "Smart Work" as doing work in a very clever and efficient way. To be more precise smart workers are said to be someone who complete the work within the stipulated time and hard workers are the ones who work for a longer time. When the style of hard working or smart working does not give us success then we start getting demotivated and our mind gets filled with a lot of negative thoughts. Regardless of all the above situations "there are still some successful persons who do not even know how they became successful". If we ask these clueless people to define the term success they say "Success comes only to people who are lucky".

Most of the time if we note-- A person who face lot's of failures start hiding themselves from others and always live in a world of fear. Our mind gets filled with anxiety and jealousy when we see a successful person. In a worst case, some people start seeing life in a very complicated way and at last decides "death" as an answer by committing suicide. When we analyze the reasons, the one topping the list is our own mind because some see failure as the end of the world. There seems to be a condition where a failed person seems to lose control on his own mind and become totally unstable. The next one in the list is "the people surrounding us" because there are many people in this world who portrait a failed person like a Clown in circus. Especially as I mentioned initially in this article about the "Clueless people", they always play an active role in criticizing and creating a fear among the failed people. It reminds me of a famous proverb when we talk about this clueless people -- "Empty vessels make much noise" Isn't it true???

Lets discuss more about "Smart Work" -- As I said earlier in this article we all define smart working to be more efficient and also restrict it to "so called intelligent sections of people". So it has become a situation where we assume "Smart work is the shortcut of success." In general a kind of hatred develops in the heart when a person fails to see success out of Hard Work or Smart Work. They fail to analyze the mistakes done, instead start blaming others and get frustrated. In some cases, there are some people who leave the job which got them failure as reward and start looking for something which can easily bring good results. Like a monkey they start jumping from one tree to another and at last ends up in leading a meaningless life.

Before discussing in brief about the real mantra of success I would like to share a famous quote by Buddha which says "Success in not the key to happiness, Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful." I believe the proverb itself explains about the path to success. "Dedication" is always the key to open the door of success and a real dedicated mind knows neither smart work nor hard work but to love what they do. For example if we ask Bill

Gates (founder of Microsoft) if he is a hard worker or smart worker, the answer from him would be neither of these because he always loved what he did. A book about him tells he works for 10-16 hours a day but if you question about this to him he would never have the answer for it because in general the entire successful person see success through dedication. To be more precise "Success is not decided by the time, Success comes only through dedication". A true dedicated person neither counts the number of hours he/she works nor doing a smart work. The real fact is that smart workers are never intelligent. Intelligence is not a physical instrument in the brain of smart workers instead it comes only when we dedicate ourselves completely into something we love. I say this because when we start dedicating ourselves into something our mind automatically fills with lot of questions which makes us to explore and learn (Just try this!!!!). A true dedicated person never gets demotivated by others' critics, comments and reviews because their mind will have the ability of reasoning and their brain always stay hungry to learn something out of both success and failure. It reminds me of another famous quote by Swami Vivekananda which says "Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life - think of it, dream of it, and live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success".

So I believe all my readers are now clear that Dedication is the only key to success but at the same time there are a lot of questions within us which definitely needs an answer-- "Am I dedicated to what I do??", "Is this work my cup of tea", "Where do I find dedication within myself" etc. For all these questions to be answered lets analyze our current educational system. In the current system a student either has time to learn new things or to do something out of dedication. Every concept learnt gets stuffed in the mind like pile of papers, copies of which are reciprocated and submitted in a written format. At last a person's intelligence is assessed in a scale of 0-100 and these marks decide our future. In a recent research conducted by Times Higher education, India failed to compete even in the top 100 educational institutions. This is because our educational system is purely mark based (at times even money based) and never research based. The next important step after education is to choose a very good career which decides our future and at the same time gives meaning for 15 or 16 years of education. As I initially mentioned education is purely mark based in the same way career is purely money based. Regardless of Success or dedication, we are ready to be even slaves for other people throughout the life time if loads and loads of money are given. At last we assume success as something which comes out of money. If the most successful person like Bill gates, Steve Jobs etc would have the same thought like us then advancement in all areas would not have happened. Most of us are good end- users but never thought of being a creator. We work for 10-15 hours a day not because we love what we do but for money and at the same time take life easily as it goes and at last ends up in a luxurious life thinking the same as being successful.

I believe I have discussed some of the major problems of today which prevents us from being who we are. Instead of being money making machine or slaves let us bring more space for innovations and explorations. The educational system of today should be completely changed to research based or creative one where in a one's intelligence should be assesses in terms of innovations and creativeness. I stress upon being "Innovative" and "Creative" because these are the two major pillars which can develop "Dedication" and take us automatically to the path of success. I am not against earning money but am against the path being followed which keeps pricking me for a long time. To be more precise when we all have the ability to be innovative and creative why should we hide all those aspects with a mask, do something which is not our cup of tea and earn money out of it.

Even though the topic I have taken has lot of points to be shared, I believe that I have shared almost all the major ways to succeed. Instead of taking life as it goes from now on let us all start analyzing and dedicate ourselves into something we love-- "Do not close your eyes and blame the whole world is dark", because the whole world is filled with opportunities and always welcome successful people with lots dedication. From now on say this to yourself "Let's stop seeing success out of Hard work or smart work and start seeing it out of dedication and love".

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