Going crazy – doing crazy

I ended up going on a trip to Oxford (UK), visiting some international friends I made by tango dancing, while it also was an opportunity to go dancing in London and Oxford.

Staying over with a friend was very nice and also useful. It made my trip cost way less, while I also had some company (since I traveled alone), somebody who knew where to go and a safe place to stay. This is also how CouchSurfing works, except this time I knew the person beforehand.

My trip didn't go as planned. The Friday I arrived in London I had the whole day by myself. However, I couldn't enjoy that much. I was so tired from working the past few weeks and then just walking around in London, seeing way to many things that were attracting my attention…

The fun thing was I went to a CouchSurfing meeting. Meeting new people, most of them living in London, but from very different nations. It gave me the opportunity to chat a bit, have fun and get to know some 'locals'.

The next few days (when I was in Oxford) I still was very tired. Not fun on a trip where you could use your energy. Walking through Oxford, going to museums, I couldn't handle much. Way to much information, way too much energy-taking. Also, my friend where I was staying with became sick and was getting worse. So I ended up alone, since she was in bed early.

The second last day of my trip I met with a CouchSurfer, which I planned, to hang out with. That was great fun. A single mother of a 2-year old with a kitten. We had some nice talks and I decided to stay the night over there, since it seemed better for my friend and also had some advantages for me.

The next morning, the day I had to leave, I became sick (stomach flu). And I didn't had the feeling my trip was finished. I didn't see that much, I didn't enjoy that much, there was something wrong. 5 minutes were left on the clock before I had to leave to catch my flight. And didn't know if I was even able to since I was sick. I was mocking about it towards my CouchSurfer friend. But then she gave me an option. Stay a few more days with her or catch my flight. Autch, that was a tough decision, but I had to take it fast. Everything went through my mind really quick. I had to work the next 2 days, having some extra costs for taking another flight, had enough things to do at home. And I was not sure it was fitted for me. But I wanted to stay. So YES! Change of plans. I cancelled my flight, called in sick and figured a way out to later get back home cheap (turned out: by bus). And the real adventure of my trip began!

It was one of the craziest and more adventures things I ever did. Staying in another country, not as planned with taking some risks. But turned out, nothing really happened. No fears, no worries. Also, it was one of my best decisions I made so far. I got the opportunity to hang out with an amazing person, a lovely child and an adorable kitten. While also seeing some of the Oxford life you don't see as a tourist. Like going to a nursery. It made me got back on track of what I really want and feeling like it's going the right way instead of the opposite. So I'm going to quit my job! And see where it goes. I like it!

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- Steve Jobs

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