Creating a new website 101

Creating a new website should be fun work, but it could be a challenging task as well when you want to get it right the first time. Of course getting it right the first time is not practical hence the need to achieve perfection through a series of tests and alterations. Here are some of the basics of ensuring that you achieve a good design to suit your audience:

The Site's identity

When you embark on the design process, what you should have in mind is to shape your user's overall experience. What do you want the overall look and feel of the website to be like?

To give your site an identity, it should have a specific typography, Visual interface design and color palette standards. The graphics, pictures, illustrations and audiovisual materials of the site should jell into your design to achieve harmony.

Achieving harmony is a long- term thing. Even when you are finally satisfied with what you have made, you should still realize that the hard work is never over merely because you are through with the initial design i.e. technical maintenance and editorial work.

One thing designers usually get wrong when constructing a new page on a sight is to publish it before it is it is ready for viewing. Don't publish a page that's under construction, Period!

Many people find it annoying to click on a link only to end up with a white screen with a message telling them that the page is still under construction.

Exercise a little patience by only publishing a web page after you are done with all the construction work. Once your audience is satisfied with the feel and look of your website, you should be too and not the other way round.

Navigation channels

Help users access content easily by implementing search techniques to enable them find the correct content. Universal usability principles should always be applied.

Build your own customized search engine on your website that allows your users to explore the pages within your site. You can create and personalize search engines ('searchrolls') created by others and install them your website. You can still use Google customized search bar for your site's content.

Make use of links within your site to guide users to other pages on your site. The guiding principle of online publishing is having content that is non- linear in nature. Remember to make use of inbound and outbound links.

Page Content

Determine what users see on each page of the website, Use controlled vocabularies, carefully designed messages shaped around the site's theme. The content shouldn't be static.

Web content is the reason that people come to your Web pages hence the common catchphrase Content is King! What is drawing your customers into your Web page for is its content.

Most dynamic web content is assembled on the web server using server-side scripting languages (ASP, JSP, Perl, PHP, and Python).

Dynamic web pages offer enormous flexibility, but the process of delivering a uniquely assembled mix of content with every page request requires a rapid, high-end web server, and even the most capable server can bog down under many requests for dynamic web pages in a short time.

Unless they are carefully optimized, dynamic web content delivery systems are often much less visible to search engines than static pages. Always ask about search visibility when considering the merits of a dynamic web content system.

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