Choosing a niche topic for your blog

The most crucial part of a blogging career is how you start out. Many questions come streaming into one's head at this point but the most profound one is how to pick the perfect topic to blog about for a long career.

Choosing the right thing to talk about not only guarantees you prosperity but it will also be helpful to millions of readers out there in the internet. Once you find a topic to write about on your blog, the audience that will interact with this content becomes your target group, which in this case we shall call a niche. Let us now establish how to select a niche topic:

Solve a problem

Internet users normally search for information that solves a pressing need from experts on that particular subject. Therefore it also obliges bloggers to embark on studying and writing about a very specific niche topic.

Make sure that the topic that you settle on is one that solves potential readers' problem so that what you are writing about is to help people and not just a bunch of irrelevant information. Within that audience segment, you should carry out a marketing research to establish what difficulty is faced by them and seek to make the situation better.

At the end of the day, your audience should feel unburdened, richer, wiser, more confident and fuller. So, before embarking on a niche topic to blog about, think about these things and make sure that you can fulfill them in order to make an impact and establish your own loyal followers.

Knowledge on the topic

Specializing in one area of life professionally gives you experience which can make you an expert in that particular field of knowledge. For instance, I decided to start blogging about webhosting because I have spent years practically learning and relearning this particular subject to become confident about passing on the knowledge.

Being an expert on the internet is important because it gives you a reputation of being a trustworthy source, especially if you are producing quality content on that particular field of knowledge. The internet is replete with several millions of websites each bearing information about almost anything you could imagine. To stand out, in such an environment where everyone is begging for attention, you will need a specific topic to anchor yourself on in order to score. Even when marketing a product or a service using your blog, always remember that reputation is everything.

Identify the competitiveness of your topic

Here, the most important thing is for you to make sure that what you choose to write about is not a crowded topic. There are certain topics in the internet that have been exhausted in terms of the number of sources already writing about them. Similarly, you should also determine whether what you are about to start blogging about is what other people are looking for or will be interested in? The simple answer to this is to conduct a proper market research.

Maybe for the purposes of establishing context, you would want to know that on the internet, you expect to get the bulk of your traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. For example, writing about weight loss will rank you dismally if you started now due to the competitiveness of the subject.

This is how the ranking works and why you do not want to come in last. The more competitive the topic, the more the hits the search engine will find. Being ranked on pages two and beyond on the search engine results page reduces the likelihood that your website will be found by the prospective readers.

Again, go back to our introduction of establishing your niche and remember that you want to select as thin a niche as possible in order to stand out. If for example you have some background in a subject like fashion, you would have to narrow down to women's fashion or men's fashion in order to establish your niche. To better position yourself, you might have to break into a sub-niche like women's shoes which can turn out to be more lucrative than say, blogging about women's fashion.

The rule of thumbs is that what you want to blog about should be a topic that is either entirely uncharted or one that is less covered on the web. This means that, whatever you do, you should as much as possible, be able to define your niche with clarity. You should avoid blindly targeting everyone or missing a unique value proposition for your audience.

Motivation to stick with the topic

Writing about something that you do not believe in or are the least interested in is the worst thing you should ever contemplate when you begin a blogging career. Instead, you should choose a topic that you are passionate about.

This does not mean that you should compromise on all other important factors for choosing a good topic.

Rather, it stretches to mean selecting a lucrative topic that you are comfortable to blog about even while accepting to learn more about the topic as you progress. If you can picture yourself blogging about a particular topic for many months into the future and it is a potential traffic magnet, then it is exactly what you need.

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