Barack Obama returned to Berlin with a more balanced message of hope

As a bead of sweat glistened on the President eyebrows, shrugged Barack Obama removed his jacket middle of speech with the words: "We can be a little more informal among friends."

Without a jacket, Barack Obama addressed an appeal to the spread of Western democratic values globally, causing the spirit of John Kennedy, and quoting his famous Declaration of solidarity with embattled Berlin.

We can be a little more informal among friends

This time, his speech was more balanced, warning that "complacency is not a symbol of the great Nations".

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  1. avatar mewp12 Says:
    June 22, 2013

    I doubt that many people were still listening to him. It was a most uninspiring speech that someone else wrote for him  and he  read very poorly. the 0bama apologists are already saying that maybe the sun put a glare on his teleprompter. Please...

  2. avatar American_Yankee Says:
    June 22, 2013

    To those who would like to keep their nuclear weapons, it outed them as ogres, who would rather spend billions on the upkeep of weapons systems that cannot be used. 

    After a most difficult week for Vladimir Putin, who was shown supporting Bashar Al-Asad. Not only has this line shown the bankruptcy of Russian foreign policy, he has isolated Russia inside the G-8, but he has also aligned himself with the mullahs in Tehran in order to do so. Thus, he has ruined Russia's reputation amongst the Sunni Arabs, especially in view of his previous support for Ghadaffi. 

    Now, President Obama has proposed reducing the combined Russian and US nuclear arsenal by a full third. In order to preserve Russia's place at the top international table, Putin must make Russia look further like a recalcitrant ogre. 

    Vlad has indeed had a rough week.

  3. avatar American_Yankee Says:
    June 22, 2013

    It was a well crafted speech, which put Mr. Putin on the defensive. 

    Mr. Putin’s only real claim to world power status are the nuclear weapons he inherited from the Soviet Union, as well as the oil and natural gas reserves, which, due to fracking and the like, might, in future, not have quite the geo-political weight they have previously enjoyed. So, of course, Mr. Putin will try to thwart this initiative, but he can only do so by looking like an ogre.

  4. avatar American_Yankee Says:
    June 22, 2013

    In fact, Mr. Putin's body language at the G-8 summit showed that he was out of his element and uncomfortable. His suppression of alternate ideas back home is a sign of weakness rather than strength. His poll numbers at home and amongst the elite are not what he would like. 

  5. avatar ajr1 Says:
    June 22, 2013

    Voting in obama was the largest act of collective racism the world of politics has ever seen, and ignoring his short comings the second largest.

  6. avatar treebrain Says:
    June 22, 2013

    Behind the rhetoric is the international reality;

    - The collapse of the Afghan 'peace talks'

    - Cut and run' in Afghanistan in a repeat of Vietnam as the US military is again defeated by a Third World enemy

    - Denial of the circumstances of the death of the US ambassador to Libya

    - Policy disarray with regard to arming al-Qaeda affiliates in Syria

    - Inaction as Iran becomes a nuclear power

    - Bemusement as Hezbollah acquiers equipment and battle-experience in Syria

    At home use of the IRS to target opponents, tapping email and phones of the press, illegal surveillance of foreign nationals and US citizens, the erosion of ciil liberties goes on and on.

    What a legacy, Mr. President!

  7. avatar vidar Says:
    June 22, 2013

    Obama is incompetent and has been exposed for the fraud he is. He has no credibility at home or abroad. With all the scandals surrounding him he will not even finish his second term and will be forced out in disgrace !!  He and his administration make Nixon and his bunch look like choir boys !!!

  8. avatar geoffyjoe Says:
    June 22, 2013

    The prez was desperately trying to hold on to any remaining vapors of his messiah presidency. Of all the absolutely incandescent issues before us he decides to crawl way out on a limb to show leadership on the U.S./Russian missile stocks issue? How utterly absurd. Fortunately the thrill is gone. Germans this time around no longer feel that tingle running up their leg. His teleprompter malfunctioned in the glare of the sun and voila' the soaring rhetoric turned in to a mumble jumble. Unfortunately his "leading from behind " on the substantive issues like aggregate debt to GDP ratios, Iran's missile stocks, and Putin's hitting the reset button in Syria have somehow contrived to show him up for what he really isn't; any kind of real leader.

  9. avatar Asodeska Asodeska Says:
    June 22, 2013

    What a load of Codswallop from the consumate Con Man.

    The ONLY thing he can do is sell hot air. There is no planning, no management, no professionalism, Nothing in Obama's government.

    This is what the Democrats have to offer, and it is doing enormous damage to the U.S.

  10. avatar wanderingone56 Says:
    June 22, 2013

    I heard President Obama's speech on radio and enjoyed it fine. He's an accomplished speaker (not as accomplished as some I've heard but still interesting to hear) and he knows how to tailor his message to his audience.

    Of course he's also a political maggot so his words have about as much intent as a speech in a Tom & Jerry cartoon but he's still quite pleasant to listen to.

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