Android apps Google Now in the first half of 2013

First half of 2013 has been the year that Android has finally been taken seriously by developers and Google has released innovative new programmes of its own. Matt Warman rounds up the ten that he uses every day.

It is difficult to emphasize how much of a difference apps Google Now does until you have lived with her for several weeks. In short, this is the first stage talked a lot about Google project to give users answer questions, they thought about what is typed in, or even thought about it. This may sound a bit scary, especially for those who are inclined to be paranoid, but in this first incarnation of this is automatic display of data, such as public transport, destination and travel time apps. None of this actually recently, but it presents a radically better.

apps Google Now

This means that the local weather conditions, directions to your next destination and time of travel, without you lifting a finger. Simply press and hold the home button.

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5 Responses

  1. avatar Whippet Says:
    June 22, 2013

    First off the tube - sounds useful, except what happens when everyone decides to download it?

  2. avatar Alisha Taylor Says:
    June 22, 2013

    Flipboard is fantastic. I would like to give a thumb up for Flipboard dev team for doing a great job! Even on Galaxy Y, (yes a low end android phone with no GPU), it works quiet good.

  3. avatar oldmuso Says:
    June 22, 2013

    Why only Sonos?

    Matt, selecting the Sonos app is a cop out - your write up is just a plug for the Sonos sound system  There are other, and sometimes better hifi options, many of which are free or low cost.  An example is  Vortexbox (install free on a computer) which uses Logitech's excellent Media Server system - in which case you can run a local player on your Android device with Squeeze Commander ((£3.56) and control your system through Squeezebox Controller (free) or the really excellent Orange Squeeze (£1.99). Add a DAC to you existing hfi and save yourself a bundle compared to the cost of Sonos gear.

  4. avatar VictoriaPeacock Says:
    June 22, 2013

    This piece still manages to mention Apple, iPhone, iPad and 'Apples excellent iOS browser' eleven times.

    Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring, can't you get it into your thick head? I've got an Android phone - that's why I clicked on this article.

  5. avatar Ronery Says:
    June 22, 2013

    Admin, your article didn't make it clear that Pingit is for Barclays account holders only. From what I've seen, the only UK bank that doesn't have a mobile app is Santander. Even some building societies have apps allowing users to bank.

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